There are no terrorists

There are no soldiers.

There are no drone operators.

There are no insurgents.

There are no rebels.

There are no civilians.

There are no police officers.

There are no gang members.

There are no mafia.

There are no congress men.

There are no statists.

There are no socialists.

There are no capitalists.

There are no communists.

There are no democrats.

There are no republicans.

There are no politicians.

There are no Christians or Muslims or Atheists.

These are just labels, and labels are used to divide and conquer your mind and the minds of your fellow human beings.

It’s the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Because the truth is…

There is only individual human action.

And when you strip away all the labels, then it becomes clear what many of these labels are hiding.

When you judge a man not by his labels or fancy clothes or official looking badge but by his actions then it’s easy to cut through the smokescreen of propaganda and indoctrination and see the truth of a man’s character.

Because violence is violence. Hate is hate. Theft is theft. Murder is murder. Evil is evil.

So next time you think about voting in a democratic election, see beyond the labels and think one more time about what you’re really voting for at the core.