The dark power of words

Words have power. Magical power.

Those who control the meaning of words and can most effectively attach labels to individuals, those people have the power.

Priests have for long had this power over society and they used it well.




Devil worshipper!

Many people were burned alive at the stake just because one of these words were assigned to them.

But no longer do priests have the power over words.

In this day and age we have to look to the media for that, to the so called “journalists” who see their mission in life to protect and uphold their western democracies when in truth those democracies are mere smoke screens covering up the fact that central bankers rule the world.

So what are the words used today to curse individuals and distort reality for the masses?


Conspiracy theorist!








Woman hater!

Assign one of these labels (curses) to a person, and you change peoples perception of that individual.

You instantly reduce a living human being down to a single word.

These curses are so powerful that for a large portion of the masses a cursed person simply ceases to exist. Because they’d rather die than be associated with the assigned label.

That’s propaganda for you.

That’s the power of words.

That’s the reality of today’s journalism (most of it anyway).

In the Age of Divide and Conquer, the media is just another weapon.

Rather than bullets and bombs they fight with words, and polarization is the goal.

But as long as you’re aware of the power of words, you’re immune to the curse.

And when you know how these curses work, it’s easy to recognize the real witches and sorcerers among us.