Multilingual Quotes Plugin for WordPress

I have a collection of favorite quotes that I wanted to display on my website, but I wanted to be able to use the WPML translation plugin to also translate the quotes into Swedish.

This was not possible with the most popular quote plugins such as Quotes Collection, so I’ve built something that I think has the potential to be turned into an official plugin.

You can see it in action above this post in the red bar. It displays a random quote out of my collection, and if you go to the swedish version of my website,, it will show the same random quotes in swedish.

The plugin is quite simple. It creates a new custom post type for quotes that you can then choose to translate using WPML just like you’d translate a regular post. Then in the front end I’m querying this custom post type and displaying one random entry.

To turn this into a WordPress plugin and make it easy to use the next step would be to create a widget that you can easily add to a widget area such as your sidebar.

If you’re interested in a plugin like this let me know in the comments below and I might just make it happen!

Author: Daniel Sjöberg

Daniel är en entreprenör, skogsman och friboren bonde på en egen liten gård i Norrland. Intar stora mängder svart kaffe.

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