A midsummer night’s dream

En midsommarnattsdröm

The brightest night of the year

The whole month of June is known as “Midsummer month” in Sweden, and tomorrow we celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. But the actual midsummer, the summer solstice, is already behind us.

The summer solstice marks the longest day and brightest night of the year. I took the drone for a spin at 2.20 when the sun was just about to rise. Beautiful, magical light during these summer nights.

I’m grateful for living in a place where I get to experience this light. It can feel hard when you’re in the middle of a dark, cold winter. But now in the summer that’s all forgotten.

This, the light, is one reason why many berries (currants, raspberries, etc.) and fruits thrive up here in the north, long days with lots of light.


The above picture shows where the sun rises and sets on my property. It barely sets on the summer solstice, just hides under the horizon for a few hours. Check out SunCalc, a cool free tool.