How to feel reborn

Go outside and find a patch of grass, dirt, or rock.

Now stand with your bare feet and look around you.

Look at the trees; the birds; the buildings; the people; all the way to the horizon.

But don’t just look, feel them.

Now how do you feel a building?

By keeping it in your conscious awareness even when you’ve got your back turned against it. Even though you don’t see something with your physical eyes, it’s as if you can still consciously feel its presence.

Try it right now with something behind you.

Can you feel it?

Okay, now expand your awareness and feel beyond the horizon.

Feel beyond the city.

Feel beyond the imaginary borders of the nation state.

Feel beyond the continent.

Feel beyond the ocean.

Feel beyond…until you see tiny Earth floating there in space.

Now feel the whole Earth.

Feel the lions stalking the plains of Africa.

Feel the moose roaming the silent wilderness of Alaska.

Feel the penguins huddling together in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.

Feel the gigantic whales moving deep down in the ocean.

Feel humanity. The living, laughing, loving, hating, crying, and dying men, women, and children all over the world.

And finally…

Feel the whole round Earth beneath your feet

Wherever you are on Earth, you are literally standing on top of the world.

So when you move, feel the world move with you.

And when you breathe, feel the world breathe with you.

And when you create, feel the new world that you are creating in that very moment.

That moment when your awareness encompasses the globe and beyond, when you breathe with the world, then you feel reborn, as if opening your eyes and being truly awake for the first time. It’s an amazing feeling.

So open your eyes, rise and shine, and join me in the morning sun.

It’s awesome here.