This is the future of decentralized backyard food production

In this previous post I mentioned that in the future every individual will once again be closely involved in their food production, and that self-sufficiency from the violent system of parasitic politicians, international bankers, and monopolistic global corporations is the key to bring forth the Age of Truth.

In the video below Geoff Lawton is visiting a guy that has what looks like a tiny suburban backyard with only 60 square meters (640 square feet) of garden space, but in his permaculture garden you will still find 80 medicinal plants, 30 fruit trees, 22 varieties of berries, vertical growing spaces, and yields of 70 kg of vegetables and 161 kg of fruit.

How many families are sitting with 60 square meters of empty lawn in suburban America? Or in any so called “developed” country for that matter? Some people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year to keep their lawn green and sterile, when they could spend that money to build a real asset that would pay dividends for years to come and increase the value of their home immensely.

There’s a business opportunity here. The millions of empty lawns out there are just waiting to be turned into productive food gardens. Who will provide the knowledge? Who will do the heavy lifting? Who will maintain the gardens? Who will market and sell the excess produce?

What you see in this video, that’s real wealth. Not gold. Not fiat dollars. Not a fancy car. Not a big house.

A productive garden, now that’s something to strive for.