Flea market finds: wooden spoons and old tools

Old tools

No summer is complete without visiting a couple of flea markets. Yesterday we went to a big flea market that we visit every now and then.

Among other things I found a debarker, used for debarking trees when making timber. Later when I came home and brushed off the dirt I noticed that the edge was really rusty in one corner, but it’s nothing a proper sharpening can’t fix.

I also found a couple of old files that I’ll turn into knife blades one day. Plus a small plane, rake, and more. Sure there’s rust on many of the tools, but working them with a steel brush and then giving a coating of linseed oil will turn them into top condition again.

That’s the thing that’s so amazing about flea markets. For a fraction of the price you’d pay in a store for new tools you can get perfectly functioning tools that just need a little love.

Wooden spoons

Nice wooden spoons are among my favorite things to buy at flea markets. Some spoons have soul. Those are the ones I buy.


I didn’t buy this hammer on a flea market but on Tradera, the “swedish ebay”. 1953 is stamped on the head. I’m going to renovate it and use for my chisels when I carve runestones.