My first attempt at stone carving

Stone carving

Runestones fascinate me – the thought that someone a thousand years ago could send a message into our time.

It fascinates me so much that I’ve decided to learn to carve my own runestones, so I can send my own messages into the future.

An inspiration has been Kalle Runristare, a modern day swedish runecarver that has created amazing runestones in the past 20 years.

“Your runestone belongs to the future, not a dream about the past!” – Kalle Runristare

I have a big interest in nordic history and the lives of my ancestors, but I’m more often thinking about the future for my kids, grandkids and coming generations. It’s for them I want to carve and raise runestones.


My chisels have arrived from Rebit stonetools. They cost me quite a bit, but the idea is to offer my services as a stone carver when I become more proficient.

My first carving ended up being a heart, dedicated to my woman. I started carving a simple line just to try the chisels, but that wasn’t exciting enough so I carved a heart instead.

The heart

This heart will likely outlast both me and my woman. But I want to get better at carving deeper cuts so the carving lasts for thousands of years instead of being withered away after “just” hundreds of years.

All that’s missing now is some paint. It will be filled in with red ironoxide, a pigment that’s been used for thousands of years. I’ve bought the pigment from Ottosson Färgmakeri and will mix the color myself.

The next step will be to carve a real runestone. More on that to come!