Do you take Mother Nature for a prostitute?

Isn’t it strange that in our modern society we slave away at work every day for our whole productive lives to buy things for our basic survival that Mother Nature would provide to us for free if we gave her the chance?

Nature gives of her love freely without asking for anything in return, so why do people carry about their daily lives as if Mother Nature is a whore that needs to be paid for the fruits of her labor?

And why do people think it’s perfectly acceptable that big multinational corporations (often with the help of government policies and subsidies) force farmers off their lands to buy up all the productive farmland, and on one hand act as Mother Nature’s pimp by selling her produce to us and on the other hand rape and pillage and poison and destroy her in front of our eyes? What’s normal or acceptable about that?

This is messed up.

Here’s how Mother Nature can provide for your needs for free, for eternity:


Plant a seed, water it, use good mulch, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight so it grows, harvest it and preserve the food for winter, and save seeds for next spring. Repeat every year as long as you live.


This requires a bit more foresight and patience.

Are you young and want to help your grandkids live mortgage free? Get some land and plant a bunch of pine trees so that they can use them to build a beautiful log home when they’ve grown up. No life energy expended on a mortgage, or on taxes, or on profits paid to various companies in the house building process. You can help your grandkids avoid lifelong debt slavery by planting some tiny saplings today.

Same goes with furniture and most tools you need to live a comfortable life. Plant trees, watch them grow, cut some of them down, make stuff from them. Repeat for generations.

The land I live in is called Sweden, and 70% of what I earn is confiscated in the form of taxes by a regime based on violence and compulsion, and much of the rest of my earnings disappear as profits paid to big banks in the form of interest.

In the above example of working to buy food; the farmer pays interest to big banks. The distributor pays interest to big banks. The retail store pays interest to big banks. And the consumer pays interest to big banks. All for money the banks have created out of thin air.

Very little of what you earn goes to actually keeping you alive and improving your life, and I’m convinced there’s something very evil and unnatural about this. I’m convinced that the society we live in is rotten to the core. It’s rotten morally, intellectually, and spiritually.

There’s so much potential for humanity to walk down a different and more peaceful and righteous path.

I’ve just started going down this path myself, following the many people that are way ahead of me. The road will likely be bumpy and I might not get the whole way, but as Martin Luther King said I know that we as a people will reach the promised land.

Thoughts on all of this?

Dela så blir jag glad!

4 thoughts on “Do you take Mother Nature for a prostitute?”

  1. Nicely articulated thoughts on some of the fundamental problems with how society is operating. I found your website by reading your comments on Bill Mollison’s book on Goodreads. I did Geoff Lawton’s PDC course last summer too! I have been engrossed with permaculture since then and feel there is so much I want to do. It’s to the point that I tried convincing my wife and kids to go homestead on 20 acres of high desert land. They think I am nuts!

    1. Hey Kevin, I sure know how it feels when friends and family think you’re nuts! Although at the same time, they think what I’ve been doing is pretty cool. Don’t give up on your dream though, because I bet your family will thank you later when there’s a full blown global food crisis. How old are your kids?

      1. Kids are 17, 14, 9, and 5. The 14 year old boy likes to work outside more than the others and is helping with growing things, plus we just started a beehive together. It’s OK if we don’t go homesteading right now–we are not ready for something like that. We have a big yard, and if I can demonstrate abundance through permaculture on that scale then a larger scale would look more appealing.

  2. Dan, I am very interested in the nature/whore narrative. I was impressed by your insight into what I feel is an overlooked concept. I am preparing a paper for the Western States Communication Association addressing nature whore metaphors. I was wondering if you had any thoughts or experience with nature whore metaphors. Thanks.

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